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Our services are designed to accelerate your digital growth. We assure you a quick implementation and a long-term support.

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Increase user retention, engagement, and session length by using our A/B Testing tool




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Burger King

A/B Testing

A/B testing Convertizer

By using A/B testing tool our customers achieved


20% increase in conversion rate thanks to “A/B Testing” tool

Burger King

30% increase in engagement
rate in 1 month


30% increase
in conversion rate over 3 months


87% increase in conversion rate thanks to “A/B Testing” tool


The value we bring

Our services


Our expertise and services allow our clients to increase the ROI of their budget dedicated to SEM (SEO, SEA, SMO)... by using different tools such as A/B Testing


Personalize your visitors' experience based on their AI behaviors.

Search Engine Optimisation

Analyzing your content on your website is essential for better ranking. Convertizer makes your website more relevant to both search engines and to users.

Website creation

Convertizer helps businesses leave a mark on the web, from the design of the page to delivering updates throughout the year.

Advertising strategy

Convertizer grows your social media presence by optimizing your channels, managing engagement, and growing your audience.

A/B Testing

To offer your visitors an optimal user experience on both desktop and mobile, test and validate your UX assumptions using our A / B testing and multivariate testing tool

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We offer a faster and stronger Marketing reports


Improving your visibility should be built around a successful SEO strategy, allowing you to improve your presence on strategic keywords and bring more qualified traffic to your site.

Convertizer offers complete expertise on the main digital levers

We offer knowledge and expertise supported by specialists with an analytical profile, curious and attentive to the business challenges of your company and sector of activity.

Call us if you want to iImprove the ROI of your campaigns

Contact us to have a dashboard of your progress in these areas: CRO, SEO, UX

Why are we different from other web agencies?

Our platform improves your website via several tools such as : personalization, A/B Testing, Social Proof, Web Push … 

All in one Digital Marketing  Platform: CRO, SEO,UX, Communication

You could check all your Digital Marketing KPIs

Grow faster with our platform

Thanks to Convertizer platform our recommended product click-through rate has increased from 40 to 65%
We generated cart abandonment which resulted in a 42% increase in cart additions

Why Convertizer is the best choice platform ?

Deep experience in personalizing websites

We are working on creating user-friendly interfaces that make life easier for users and allow our customers to sell memorable products

Convertizer is a digital marketing solution developed by digital marketing experts and BigData and artificial intelligence experts. 

Our efforts have been rewarded by obtaining prestigious clients such as : carrefour, ikea, aramex, hyuandai …

Our web agency offers you a fast, efficient and just-in-time service

Our web agency provides you with simple and efficient tools that allow you to double your turnover in a fast and efficient way. Our tools are numerous, in particular, A/B testing personalized recommendations, notifications, pop-ups …

Convertizer is made up of digital experts specializing in SEO, SEA and Social Media. Our motivation is to support and guide our clients in their digital expansion, e-reputation and the development of their business on the internet.

Increase your conversion rate and double your turnover

Easily integrate all Digital Marketing strategies into your website: Personalization, Recommendation, Segmentation,  A / B testing, social media and  Google advertising …

Innovative company status

Convertizer obtained innovative campany status in France in 2019